100% pure Alaqua Artisanal Sotol

We maintain a sustained harmony between flavours and aromas that become an ideal fusion of power and grace.

A 100% pure, handcrafted crystal sotol, distilled in copper stills and matured glass. As a recognition of our efforts, we are nationally and internationally awarded, as well as a culinary cultural heritage of the State of Chihuahua; due to our origin, it is one of the finest spirituous in the world.

Alcohol %
25.36 fl oz
38% - 48%
Chihuahua, Mexico

1. The Source Material of our Sotol

WILD DASYLIRION LEIOPHYLLUM, born on the slopes of the desert of the Bolson de Mapimi, in Chihuahua, harvested form the wild between 18 and 25 years of age, under the simplified forestry program with authorization for the exploitation of non-timber forest resources.

2. Type

Sotol 100% pure, white and crystal bright with silver highlights.

3. Aroma

You will be able to perceive citric essences, gardenia notes, mountain flowers, fresh, herbaceous, mineral and mud. There is also a lingering woody aroma, with soft smoky notes.

4. Our awards

Winners of the gold medal at the Mexico Selection By Concours Mondial de Bruxelles and silver medal at the London Spirits Competition. (LSC)

Concours Mondial Bruxelles London Spirits Competition Eco Friendly

5. Region/Designation of origin

Bolson de Mapimi, Chihuahua, Mexico.

6. Registry


7. Packaging information

Diamond tipped crystalline glass bottle, with black cork stopper. Given to our glass maturation, Alaqua preserves and enhances each one of its properties.

8. Pairing

Our combination of elements, in most cases, perfectly combines and enhances the pleasure of eating.

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